NO! And HELL NO! #NeverTrump Is Pushing Meghan McCain to Replace Her Father as Senator

For the record, The Gateway Pundit supported John McCain and Sarah Palin for president.
We gave them 100% support.

This was despite the senator’s weak immigration record and horrible policy decisions.

We were hopeful that after the 2008 election John McCain would ease up on Republicans a bit. But that didn’t happen. In 2015 Senator John McCain was quick to call Trump supporters “the crazies.” John McCain never apologized to Trump’s supporters for this awful smear. Instead he held a grudge against the Republican President to his death.


I’m sure Meghan McCain is a fine person.
I’ve never spoken to the woman in my life but for some reason she blocked me on Twitter.

Meghan McCain was fortunate to have a powerful father. The outspoken senator’s daughter landed a spot on “The View” where she excels. But would she really be on TV and in the public spotlight if it weren’t for her father?

On Tuesday Trump-basher Guy Benson suggested Meghan McCain as the next senator of Arizona!
Haven’t the American people suffered enough, Guy?

Guy Benson argues that he is not for handing down positions of political power from generation to generation “like a heirloom.” Then he promptly suggests that Meghan McCain would be a natural fit as a US Senator.
Two sentences later.

Many of us have kept our mouths shut as the media pushes the myth that John McCain was the greatest senator in our lifetime. He’s not. John McCain was a war hero and he survived absolute hell as a Vietnam prisoner of war. But he crapped on Republicans over and over again.

Some of us are still old enough to remember his key vote to kill the repeal of Obamacare — something he ran on in 2016.

Meghan McCain does a wonderful job on The View.
But as to another McCain in the US Senate — No, and HELL NO!

We’ve been quiet as the media pushes the myth of John McCain.
We won’t be quiet as the Never-Trumpers start plotting against the American people.

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