Former Obama CIA Director and Hack John Brennan Disses President Trump – Remains Mute on Claims He’s QB of Spygate

Guest post by Joe Hoft


Former CIA Director John Brennan was outed this week for being the quarterback of Spygate while he was head of the CIA under President Obama. He claims he is ‘Nonpartisan’ but the facts show a different story.

Two days ago, , President Trump’s attorney, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, outed John Brennan as the man in charge of ‘Spygate’. Rudy claims Brennan was orchestrated the ‘Spygate’ scandal and was the quarterback –

Brennan did not refute this, instead he bashed President Trump with a couple tweets. He claims in his Twitter handle that he is ‘nonpartisan’ –

Giuliani claimed that Brennan was behind the scandals to prevent candidate Trump from winning the 2016 election and then prevent him from running the government when he did. Brennan set the President up using outright lies that slandered the President in an effort to have him removed. But when he was outed, he didn’t deny the charges he dissed the President instead.
His first tweet attacked the President’s character which is stunning since Brennan is being accused of crimes related to the Russia scandal. Brennan claims the high road –

His second tweet again attacked the President.

Also, note above that Brennan has only 339 thousand followers and yet Twitter reports that he received more than 60 thousand likes on his latest tweet. President Trump has 53 million followers and yet Twitter reports he only received 67 thousand likes on his recent tweet. Something doesn’t make sense with Twitter reporting. #shadowban

Brennan’s actions show he is not nonpartisan and he is guilty as claimed related to the phony Trump-Russia scandal. He is a crook and conspirator and he should be in jail for what he’s done to America and this President. Lock Him Up

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