Figures. New Documentary Shows How Sweden’s Far Left Social Democrats ‘Inspired and Helped’ German Nazis

A new film in Sweden shows how the far left Social Democratic Party “inspired and helped” Nazi Germany in World War II.

Of course, the documentary was taken down by YouTube but was later reposted and appears on the social media channel Samtiden Dokumentar.

The film is in Swedish with English subtitles.

Voice of Europe reported:

A shocking documentary about Sweden’s ruling Social Democratic Party, shows how the leftist party ‘inspired and helped’ Nazi Germany.

The documentary, produced by the party’s right-wing opponent, the Sweden Democrats, was removed by YouTube yesterday in an act of censorship.

But after a backlash it is now visible again on the social media channel of broadcaster Samtiden Dokumentär.

Ironically the documentary starts with the leader of the leftist Social Democratic Party, Swedish prime minister Stefan Löfven, telling how the right-wing Social Democrats historically have Nazi roots.

But now the Sweden Democrats are hitting back and have produced this documentary to tell the truth about their leftist opponents.

And it is revealing as it shows that the Swedish Social Democrats inspired Nazi Germany on the issue of Eugenics or “ethnic cleansing”.

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