Chaos Erupts in Caracas After Maduro ‘Drone Strike’ Assassination Attempt (VIDEO)

On Saturday, Socialist President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro was giving a speech during the National Guard’s 81st anniversary when multiple drones carrying explosives detonated near him and his wife.

Chaos erupted and seven national guards were reportedly injured.

The Daily Mail reported:


Seven national guards have been injured in Venezuela after what is believed to have been an assassination attempt on socialist President Nicolas Maduro.

Information Minister Jorge Rodriguez said in a live broadcast that several drone-like devices with explosives detonated near the president.

He said Maduro is safe and unharmed but that seven people were injured.

‘At exactly 5.41pm in the afternoon several explosions were heard,’ Rodriguez said in a live address to the nation minutes after the incident.

‘The investigation clearly reveals they came from drone-like devices that carried explosives.’

Footage broadcast by state television has shown the Venezuelan leader abruptly cutting short a speech as hundreds of soldiers scatter.

Mr Maduro was speaking in the capital of Caracas during a celebration of the National Guard’s 81st anniversary.

He was standing next to his wife Cilia Flores and several high ranking military officials for the event broadcast on radio and television.

A video shows Ms Flores wince and look up after a sound. The soldiers lined up in ranks then begin running. The transmission was cut without explanation.

Video of chaos:

Video of security personnel protecting Maduro during the assassination attempt:

Update: Maduro blames far-right wing factions within Venezuela for the attacks, via Associated Press:

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro says authorities have captured some of those responsible for what he is calling an assassination attempt.

In an impassioned address to the nation, Maduro said some of the “material authors” of an attack with drones are now in custody.

He said far-right wing factions within Venezuela working in collaboration with conspirators in Bogota and Miami were responsible.

He did not provide the names of those detained or describe the charges they are facing.

Maduro added that some of those who financed the attack are in Miami and that he hoped President Donald Trump is “willing to fight the terrorist groups.”

He promised a full investigation to hold all those responsible, “No matter who falls.”

Venezuelans are suffering because of Socialism and are forced to pick through trash for food.

The children and adults are fighting over garbage now.

The average Venezuelan today has lost 24 pounds since the food shortages began.
Western media refuses to focus on this tragedy because they all supported this far left regime.

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