California Lawmakers Set Up Secret DMV Office So They Don’t Have to Wait in the Heat for Hours to Renew Licenses (Video)

Everyday working Californians have to wait in lines in the hot sun for hours with illegal immigrants to renew their licenses.

But not the California lawmakers.
The Democratic controlled California legislature set up a secret DMV office so they don’t have to worry about sun stroke and can just walk right in and renew their licenses.

The normal wait at a California state run DMV is several hours.
Ah — the joys of Socialism!

KCRA reported:

In California, long lines are a fact of life at Department of Motor Vehicles offices across the state, but for California lawmakers and their legislative staffers, there’s an alternative.

KCRA has learned of a DMV office that is not open to the public.

It’s located inside the Legislative Office Building on N Street, adjacent to the state Capitol.

The office, inside Room 121, has no markings on the door and was locked when KCRA visited it on Thursday, but after knocking, a worker confirmed it was a DMV office and said it’s set up to handle customer complaints that escalate to the legislative branch.

However, having a private office for legislators and their Capitol staff is a source of frustration for Assemblyman Jim Patterson, R-Fresno. His request for an official DMV audit was denied when three Democrats — Senators Ricardo Lara, of Los Angeles; Ben Allen, of Santa Monica; and Jim Beall, of San Jose — abstained from voting.

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