BREAKING: Michael Cohen Surrenders to FBI – Plea Deal to Include 3-5 Years Jail Time

On Tuesday, Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen surrendered himself to the FBI after it was reported he reached a plea deal with prosecutors.

FOX New is reporting Michael Cohen’s plea deal is to include between 3-5 years jail time.

Michael Cohen will appear in a Manhattan Federal court at 4 PM ET Tuesday according to spokesman for the federal prosecutor in Manhattan, Bloomberg reported.

Cohen is facing bank and tax fraud charges from a taxi cab business he owned with another business partner.


Sound familiar?

As reported earlier…

Mueller’s witch hunt team leaked to NBC today the news that Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen is ready to flip on President Trump.

The Mueller team raided his office and took all of his private documents earlier this year in a clear breach of attorney-client privilege.

Democrats cheered the lawlessness.

Now Mueller has threatened him with several years in prison unless he sings — and creates a story to implicate the US president in some sort of crime.

Thank you Jeff Sessions for allowing America to morph into a banana republic.

NBC News reported:

Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s former personal attorney, is discussing a possible guilty plea with federal prosecutors in Manhattan in connection with tax fraud and banking-related matters, multiple sources familiar with the matter tell NBC News.

Those sources stress no deal has been reached but do say the potential deal could be reached as early as today.

The plea could have significant implications for Trump, who has blasted Cohen ever since his former fixer and his attorney, old Clinton hand Lanny Davis, began signaling this summer that Cohen might cooperate with special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

When reached by NBC, Davis said he cannot comment on advice of counsel since there is an ongoing investigation. Cohen has previously denied wrongdoing.

Mr. Cohen is expected to plead guilty to multiple charges.

NEW UPDATE: FOX News is reporting that the Michael Cohen deal with federal prosecutors is a “straight up guilty plea” and “is not going to be some sort of cooperation deal.”

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