YouTube Hits Infowars with a Third Strike – Removes Videos with Trump’s Famous “The Snake” Speech

For years Infowars has been a target by the left. Infowars was very influential during the 2016 election and because of this the left wants to destroy them.

The American left is through discussing the issues. Now they want blood.

YouTube took down two videos that included President Trump’s famous “the snake” speech.

This week Infowars received another strike from YouTube for content that violates platform’s community guidelines.

The left is cheering this news.
They want Infowars eliminated.

The Hill reported:


Infowars’ YouTube channel has received another “strike” from the company for content that violates platform’s community guidelines, YouTube confirmed on Wednesday.

If a channel gets three strikes in a three-month window, YouTube bans it from its video streaming platform.

The strike came after Infowars posted two videos containing hate speech against Muslims and another with hate speech against transgender people, the Verge reported.
Another showed Infowars founder Alex Jones ridiculing a child who was pushed to the ground by an adult. The video was titled “How to prevent liberalism.”

“We have long-standing policies against child endangerment and hate speech,” a YouTube spokesperson said in an emailed statement.

“We apply our policies consistently according to the content in the videos, regardless of the speaker or the channel,” the statement continued. “We also have a clear three strikes policy and we terminate channels when they receive three strikes in three months.”

The Democrats today are waging a war on free speech.

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