Yahoo and the American Left Celebrate Satan’s Bride Michelle Wolf — While Smearing Devout Catholic Judge Amy Barrett

There is something seriously wrong with Yahoo News and the American left.

The far left media outlet praised wicked, vile and tasteless liberal Michelle Wolf after she celebrated “a salute to abortion.”

Wolf joins a marching band in a “Salute to Abortion” in this week’s show.


Wolf went on to say abortion should be on the dollar menu at McDonald’s.

This woman Wolf is either insulting conservatives with vulgar remarks or cheering abortion.
And the American left reveres this wicked woman?
Something is very wrong with today’s Democrat Party.

And then there’s this that was reported earlier
According to far left Yahoo stringent Catholics like Judge Amy Barrett are cultists.

This is the type of anti-Christian filth that is promoted by the liberal media and Democrats on a daily basis.

Via Jack Posobiec:

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