SHOCK: California Democrat Sensation De Leon Supports Sanctuary State Laws, Has “No Human Being Is Illegal” Photo on Website

California Democrats rejected Senator Dianne Feinstein on Saturday and gave far left politico Kevin de Leon their endorsement instead.

De Leon, an immigrants rights activist, received 65% of the party elite’s vote.
Feinstein received only 7% of the vote.

This was a stunning turn to the far left for the California Democrat Party.


So who is Kevin de Leon?

In 2017 Kevin de Leon famously admitted his family was in the US illegally and using fake social security cards.

And Kevin de Leon takes credit for the sanctuary state laws passed in California.

I made it a priority in California, pushing comprehensive legislation to ensure we are a welcoming sanctuary state.[2] Empty threats from Jeff Sessions and this administration didn’t keep California from doing the right thing,[3] and they shouldn’t keep the Senate from doing so either.

Kevin de Leon also has a photo “No human being is illegal” on his campaign website.
Via NewsAlert:

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