Secret Service Officer Assaulted Outside White House at Immigration Protest by Violent Leftist Screaming “Where’s the President?”

A psychotic leftist was arrested outside the White House at an immigration protest on Saturday for assaulting a Secret Service officer while screaming, “Where’s the president?”

Happy now, Maxine Waters?

Hundreds of thousands of protesters took to the streets nationwide on Saturday demanding our government get rid of borders and abolish ICE.

About 30,000 immigration protesters were out screaming at the sky in D.C. on Saturday.

NBC News reported:

A U.S. Secret Service officer was injured in an assault while on patrol outside the White House on Saturday shortly after the major immigration rally in Lafayette Park, according to newly filed federal court records.

The man, who is only identified as Carmona in court records, is accused of illegally parking his BMW along Pennsylvania Avenue, moving a bicycle rack-style security barrier erected for the rally and screaming at the officers “Where is the president?” according to a Secret Service affidavit obtained by the News4 I-Team.

The court filings say that after Secret Service officers tried to stop Carmona for illegal parking, Carmona moved the security barrier and then punched an officer in the jaw and the left eye. Two officers took Carmona to the ground and placed leg shackles on him because they said he was kicking at the officers, according to the affidavit.

The affidavit says a Secret Service officer suffered a possible concussion and a knee injury.

“Carmona was placed under arrest for assaulting a federal law enforcement officer. While being placed under arrest, Carmona asked ‘Where is the President?’ He also stated to officers ‘Just end it, just kill me,'” the affidavit says.

A judge ordered that Carmona undergo a forensic exam Thursday morning at D.C. Superior Court. The judge also ordered that Carmona stay away from Officer Young, the White House Grounds and several streets in Northwest D.C.

The fake news hysteria over Trump’s hardliner immigration policy is going to get someone killed.

Liberal terrorists are unhinged.

On Monday, a Berkeley Democrat threatened to chop up Senator Rand Paul’s family with an ax.

Another unhinged liberal was recently arrested for threatening to kill Rep. Brian Mast’s children over Trump’s immigration policy.

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