Rudy Giuliani: Strzok Testimony Makes it LESS LIKELY President Trump will Testify Before Mueller (VIDEO)

Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani went on with Laura Ingraham on Thursday night following the congressional testimony of Trump-hating liar-cheater FBI investigator Peter Strzok.

Rudy said after today’s testimony President Trump is less likely to testify in front of the tainted Mueller investigation.

Rudy Giuliani: To this day they can’t find any kind of evidence that ties President Donald Trump to any kind of collusion. The progress is that the Mueller investigation if falling apart of its own weight… Mueller is asleep at the switch. It’s being run by the same kind of partisans that he is. The same kind of horrible person that he is that it is being run by the same kind of Hillary partisans that he is… They will frame Donald Trump which is one of the reasons they are trying to set a perjury trap for him. And thank God we’re tough enough to smell that out.

Rudy Giuliani added that Strzok’s testimony made it less likely that President Trump will testify before the Mueller special counsel.

Laura Ingraham: Any closer to an agreement with Mueller on limited questioning?

Rudy Giuliani: Probably further away. When you see this kind of thing! You’re a lawyer would you work your client into a Kangaroo court?

Via The ingraham Angle:

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