HUNDREDS OF PATRIOTS Hold Massive Rally at Red Hen Restaurant (VIDEO)

Corey Stewart, Bikers For Trump rally at The Red Hen

Corey Stewart, a pro-Trump candidate running for US Senate in Virginia, along with other conservatives, rallied at the liberal Red Hen Restaurant in Arlington, Virginia this weekend.

According to reports, The Red Hen will remained closed until July 5th in the wake of the Sarah Sanders controversy.

Corey Stewart is running to defeat radical Democrat Senator and Hillary’s former VP pick, Tim Kaine.

Bikers For Trump along with other patriots showed up at the Red Hen carrying signs that said, “We shall overcome Democrats!” and “Democrats= No break from the hate!”

President Trump gave Corey Stewart a shout out on Fox News Sunday morning.

Sarah Sanders and her family were recently forced out of The Red Hen restaurant.

The owner, Stephanie Wilkinson, followed Sanders’ family across the street to another restaurant and formed a protest to continue the harassment.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters threw kerosene onto the explosive controversy and told a cheering mob of Democrats to continue to harass and harm people in Trump’s cabinet if they are spotted at restaurants or gas stations.

The message from the left is one of hate, violence, intolerance and totalitarian rule.

The left is totally unhinged, calling for our nation to cease to exist by demanding we obliterate our borders.

Corey Stewart and other MAGA conservatives will turn the ‘blue wave’ into a blue puddle in November because of the left’s extremism.

Corey Stewart said Virginians are known for their hospitality and what The Red Hen did to Sarah Sanders and her family did not represent Virginian values.


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