Nancy Pelosi ROASTED For Appearing as Guest Host on Jeopardy! (VIDEO)

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) appeared on Jeopardy! Friday evening as a guest host to read ‘clues’ to the contestants.

Of course Pelosi’s ‘clues’ to the Jeopardy! guests were presented in pre-recorded snippets because the House Minority Leader can’t make it through a sentence without short-circuiting.

Even with the professional editing, and no doubt multiple takes to get it just right, Pelosi slurred her way through as she read the clues to the contestants.

Jeopardy! fans were not happy with Pelosi’s appearance as a guest host; as expected, she pushed left-wing, open-borders propaganda on the show.

Pelosi bragged about being the first female Speaker of the House, described Puerto Rico as a “hurricane-devastated island,” and bragged about spending 8 hours on the House floor fighting for her precious illegal alien DREAMERs.


The backlash was intense.

Fox Business Network’s Varney & Co asked viewers to submit clues they thought Nancy Pelosi should read to the contestants and the results were absolutely BRUTAL.


Pelosi’s Twitter feed was also inundated with people trolling her over her Jeopardy! appearance.

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