MORE MEDIA PROPAGANDA: AP Waits Until 24th Paragraph to Admit Illegal Alien’s Deportation Process Started Under Obama

Letty Stegall was deported earlier this year.
Her family says they will not support President Donald Trump.

Letty, an illegal alien, had a US Social Security card.

Letty Stegall popped up on the radar after she was arrested on a DUI charge.
That was in 2012 when Obama was president.

She was deported this year.
Letty says she is paying the price for her drunk driving arrest but is also convinced that her deportation was unfair.

It took the AP until the 24th paragraph to admit Letty Stegall was arrested for drunk driving during the Obama years.
Ryan Saavedra reported:

The AP did not mention she was arrested during the Obama years until the 24th paragraph.

Via the AP:

It’s almost as if Letty Stegall is there, back home in the United States, beside her daughter to prod her awake for school. When her husband goes to the grocery store, she fusses over the list with him. At the bar she helped run, she still gives regulars a warm welcome, and around the dinner table at night, she beams when she sees what her family managed to cook.

But Stegall’s face only appears on a screen, and her words come in unreliable cell connections and a barrage of texts. Lives once lived together are divided by some 1,600 miles. A woman who married an American and gave birth to an American and who came to think of herself as American, too, is now deported to her native Mexico.

“I wish I was there. That’s all that I want,” she says of her life in Kansas City, Missouri. “I want my family back.”

As the United States takes a harder line on immigration, thousands who called the country home are being forced to go. Often, they leave behind spouses and children with American citizenship and must figure out how to go on with families fractured apart. Studies have found an estimated 8 million to 9 million Americans — the majority of them children — live with at least one relative who is in the country illegally, and so each action to deport an immigrant is just as likely to entangle a citizen or legal U.S. resident…

…Six years earlier, police had pulled her over a few blocks from her house and charged her with misdemeanor drunken driving. The arrest made authorities aware that she was in the U.S. illegally. Stegall spent a month in jail and her case went into the immigration system.

She cries as she recounts the incident, mindful she might not be in this situation had she not gotten behind the wheel. She sees that she is paying the price for her mistake but is also convinced that her deportation was unfair.

She wonders why the government’s crackdown efforts seem to focus on her and other low-level criminals instead of the “bad hombres” that Trump said he’d banish. Don’t her daughter and husband have a right to keep their family intact? Don’t her years of paying taxes, of learning English, of living an otherwise pristine life count for anything?

“They didn’t take out the people who are dangerous,” says Stegall, 41. “The murderers are still there. The gangsters are still there. The rapists are still there.”

While U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement often touts the criminal convictions of those rounded up, arrests of migrants with convictions for offenses such as driving under the influence (59,985 in fiscal year 2017) outnumber those of immigrants previously convicted for homicide, sexual assault or kidnapping. (Those collectively totaled 6,553 in 2017.) Meantime, arrests of immigrants without criminal convictions have increased significantly since Trump took office.

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