Maxine Waters Supporters Burn American Flag During Protest – Chant “Black Power” (VIDEO)

Maxine Waters supporters showed up outside of her east Los Angeles office Thursday to counter an expected protest by a group called Oath Keepers.

The Oath Keepers planned to protest in front of Maxine Waters’ office Thursday in response to the Congresswoman’s calls to harm and harass Trump officials.

The Oath Keepers never showed up, but Auntie Maxine’s fan club did and they chanted “black power” and burned an American flag.

A pickup truck approached Maxine Waters’ angry mob and was blocked by the crowd. The protesters opened the doors to the truck and grabbed the American flag from the bed of the truck.

Maxine Waters’ supporters stomped on the American flag then cheered as they lit it on fire.

The Washington Times reported, one of the protesters said, “This is not the American flag, this is their flag.”


Additional video of protesters chanting “America was never great!” as they danced around the burning American flag:

This is the left; hate-filled, anti-American degenerates.

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