Gallup Poll Shows Americans Don’t Care About ‘Situation With Russia’ AT ALL

A recent Gallup poll of just over 1,000 Americans on 37 different issues reveals people literally do not care about the ‘Russia situation.’

In fact, so few people care about Trump-Russia, it was immeasurable; Gallup had to use an asterisk to measure.

The fake news media has pushed the Trump-Russia hoax for two years and it hasn’t swayed Americans; the mainstream media has lost their power and influence.

Americans are the most concerned about the economy, jobs, and immigration/illegals aliens, NOT RUSSIA.

“Gallup recently did a poll of what Americans say is the most important problem facing the country. One finding: the percentage of Americans saying “Situation with Russia” is the most important problem is literally too small to represent with a number,” tweeted David Sirota, a journalist for Capital and Main.

The Gallup poll was taken right before the Putin summit in Helsinki, but the amount of Americans who care about the Russia situation isn’t likely to increase even though the fake news media had a ‘Trump treason’ melt down.

More than anything, this Gallup poll shows the media has no power and the only people who care about the Russia situation are media sycophants and Democrat-RINO’s trying to undermine a duly elected president.

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