Crowdstrike Analyst Who Ran Forensics on DNC Server Used to Work For Mueller at FBI

Robert Mueller

To this day, the DNC servers have not been forensically inspected by the FBI so we have no proof the servers were even hacked, and if hacked, by whom?

Hillary’s fake Russia dossier and Crowdstrike’s report blaming Russia for hacking the DNC server is what the Special Counsel witch hunt hinges on.

It’s all fake. The crime scene, the DNC servers, have yet to even be examined.

James Comey admitted in a June 2017 testimony that the FBI failed to examine the DNC servers and relied on a 3rd party contracted by the DNC [Crowdstrike] confirming the Russians hacked the server.

It appears Robert Mueller has also relied on Crowdstrike’s analysis the Russians hacked the DNC server because his spox declined to comment.

Robert Mueller knows the Crowdstrike analyst who ran the forensics on the DNC server, in fact, the analyst worked for Mueller when he was the Director of the FBI; Mueller personally promoted him.

“The Crowdstrike analyst who ran the forensics on the DNC servers worked for Mueller at the FBI and was personally promoted by Robert Mueller,” reports Paul Sperry.

Hillary’s campaign counsel, Marc Elias [Perkins Coie] hired Crowdstrike to write the public report blaming Russia for hacking the DNC in June of 2016 which of course is the same month Marc Elias hired Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele to write the dossier.

Robert Mueller indicted 12 Russian military officers alleging they gained access to the DNC emails and other computer systems, however, he has not presented any physical evidence to back up his claims.

Not once are code names “Cozy Bear” or “Fancy Bear” mentioned in Mueller’s latest indictment which directly contradicts the IC report and Crowdstrike analysis that Russians using those code names were acting as agents of the GRU.

Mueller once again rolled out a junk indictment as a PR stunt to justify his salary and witch hunt.

Paul Sperry is the former D.C. bureau chief for Investor’s Business Daily, Hoover Institution media fellow, author of several books, including bestseller INFILTRATION

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