Chairman Nunes: House Intel Panel Investigating Whether ‘Informants’ Gathered Info on Trump, Russia Prior to Authorization

Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA) said in an interview with The Hill that the House Intel Panel is investigating whether spies informants gathered information on Trump and Russia before they were authorized to do so in July of 2016.

“It’s one of the outstanding questions that we have for the Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. We’ve had that question out to them for pretty much three months now. They have not answered it yet,” Nunes told The Hill’s Buck Sexton.

“Is it your belief it is likely that there was activity going on in advance of the start of that official FBI investigation?” Sexton asked.

“I will just tell you we wouldn’t be asking those questions if we didn’t think we had some suspicion of that,” Nunes responded. “The problem with this is, running informants into political campaigns, or political campaign actors on the counterintelligence side especially, is a major problem.”

“It’s because we give special powers to our counterintelligence officials because really a lot of Americans’ basic rights are taken away through that process because it’s dealing with national security, it’s usually high level,” he continued.

“So there should be a very high bar before you open up a counterintelligence investigation. So, if you are running informants into campaigns before or after you open an official investigation, most Americans, when you sit them down and talk to them, they know that that’s something really bad and that only happens in third world countries,” he said.

Chairman Nunes also told Buck Sexton in the same interview that the redacted portions of the Carter Page FISA docs are worse than what Americans have already seen.

Obama’s FBI and DOJ were incredibly corrupt, of course they were using informants to spy on Trump’s camp before the July 2016 launch of the probe.

So far we know Stefan Halper was paid a total of $411,575 in 2016 and 2017 for work with the US government that included spying on the Trump campaign.

According to Trump’s former aide, Michael Caputo, there was more than one informant spying on Trump’s camp.

Text messages from Peter Strzok going back to 2015 have people speculating the FBI may have initiated multiple spies in the Trump campaign going back to December of 2015.

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