Breaking: US Ambassador’s Residence Fired On By Daniel Ortega’s Paramilitary Forces in Nicaragua

Violence broke out Sunday night in Nicaragua.

Daniel Ortega’s paramilitary forces reportedly fired on the home of US Ambassador Laura Dogu.

From our contact on the ground in Nicaragua:

There is a lot of scuttlebutt in the last half hour on the ground here in Nicaragua that the US ambassador’s Laura Dogu residence has been fired on by pro Ortega paramilitaries.

Haven’t seen an English report yet but worth keeping an eye on.

Ortega has killed near 300 people over the last two and half months here. Mostly people that put up road blocks and protest.

It is really bad. Just today in three cities over 20 people killed.

Earlier this week Vice President Mike Pence tweeted out support for the people in their uprising against the Marxist regime in Nicaragua.

At least 14 people were killed in violence tonight in Nicaragua.


Ortega has ordered out the troops to “sow death and terror” against the people.

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