Attorney Gregg Jarrett Calls Out Liar Comey After Carter Page FISA Warrant Docs Confirm FBI Misled Courts

Attorney Gregg Jarrett slammed liar and leaker James Comey Sunday morning after the DOJ released FISA warrant docs related to Trump advisor Carter Page.

The new FISA warrant docs confirm the FBI relied almost entirely on Hillary’s phony dossier to obtain a warrant, contradicting Comey’s previous statements that the dossier was not a critical part of it.

Watch Comey claim to Bret Baier in a recent interview that Hillary’s dossier was “not a critical part” of obtaining the FISA warrant.

Comey said rather, it was “a part of a broader mosaic of facts that were laid before the FISA judge to obtain a FISA warrant,” and “there was a significant amount of additional material about Page and why there was probable cause to believe he was an agent of a foreign power.”


Gregg Jarrett wasn’t having it and called out Comey the liar.

Gregg Jarrett tweeted: Newly released documents prove that Comey’s FBI and the DOJ relied almost entirely on the phony and unverified anti-Trump “dossier” to gain warrants to wiretap Trump campaign associate. The “dossier”, paid for by Clinton & Democrats, was about 95% of the application to spy!

Jarrett called Comey’s statements “demonstrably untrue.”

Jarrett tweeted: Comey has NOT been telling the truth. He pretended the “dossier” was only a minor part of the warrant application that he signed to wiretap, claiming it was NOT a “critical part of it” and there was a “significant amount of additional material.” Demonstrably untrue.

Obama’s Deep State FBI and DOJ obtained a FISA warrant on Carter Page in October of 2016 and three subsequent renewals in order to spy on Trump’s campaign and transition team.

Comey, Rosenstein, McCabe and Sally Yates all signed the FISA applications even though Hillary’s fraudulent Russia dossier was used as a pretext to obtain the warrants.

Obama’s Deep State DOJ and FBI withheld information about Hillary Clinton and the DNC being behind the information used to obtain the FISA warrant.

It gets worse…

By law, the FBI must present to the FISC new, compelling information gathered from current monitoring in order to get a FISA warrant renewed every 90 days…

However, the applications filed to renew the Carter Page FISA warrants simply recycle old Christopher Steele/Yahoo information [Michael Isikoff’s Yahoo article on Carter Page] from the original application, reported Paul Sperry.

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