Anti-White Congolese Activist and Immigrant Who Assaults Cops and Climbed Statue of Liberty Says Trump Is a ‘Monster’

Anti-white Congolese immigrant and activist Therese Okoumou was cheered by Democrats as she pleaded not guilty in court to climbing the Statue of Liberty.

Therese Okoumou, from the Congo, wore a “white supremacy is terrorism” T-shirt to court.

Again, Therese Okoumou pleaded ‘not guilty’ to climbing the Statue of Liberty.

Therese Okoumou assaulted a police officer last year.


She attends anti-Trump rallies on a weekly basis.
She credited Michelle Obama for her stunt on the 4th of July.

Can someone explain what this immigrant is contributing to our society?

Immigrant and activist Therese Okoumou says Trump is a monster.

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