Anti-Islam Protester Tossed Into Fountain at Candle Memorial to Danforth Shooting Victims (VIDEO)

On Sunday night two girls were gunned down in a mass shooting at Danforth Avenue in Toronto’s Greed town.

The girls were killed when 29-year-old Faisal Hussain, wandered down the Danforth, indiscriminately firing at targets.
Faisal Hussain had visited ISIS websites and may have supported the Islamist group.
The family said he was mentally ill.

Two girls were murdered in the attack.

Julianna Kozis, left, and Reese Fallon were killed by a deadly shooting rampage in Toronto’s Greektown Sunday night. (CBC)

On Friday an anti-Islam protester showed up at the candle memorial for the victims of the Danforth killer.

The man was carrying a sign that read, “CBC presents Little Mosque on the prairie – Two dead girls in Greek town”

The angry leftists at the memorial threw the anti-Islam protester into the fountain.

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