A TRUMP MIRACLE! President Donald Trump Promises to Pay Down $21 Trillion Debt (VIDEO)

The US GDP for the second quarter accelerated to a whopping 4.1% under the leadership of President Donald Trump.

This is another BIG Trump win.
This doubles the first quarter growth of 2.2%.

This afternoon President Trump told Sean Hannity he will bring down the $21 trillion US debt.

President Trump: When we make good trade deals it’s going to have a huge impact on GDP growth.  And the numbers will be so big that you’ll actually start paying down debt in very large chunks. It will go quickly.

President Trump is right.  The debt under Obama increased at an astronomical rate through this period in his administration.  Obama increased the debt by $2.6 trillion and 25%.

Debt under President Trump has increased but by only 7% and $1.3 trillion.

Trump’s debt increase is half of Obama’s and he is busy paying off massive interest payments Obama built through his massive tax increases.  What President Trump is doing is really miraculous.

President Trump shared this with Sean Hannity today on his radio show.
Via Hannity:

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