18 -Year-Old Mahad Aziz Rips Eyes Out of 74-Year-Old Rochester Man and Busts Out His Teeth

18-year-old Mahad Aziz was arrested Friday after ripping the eyes out of a 74-year-old man in Rochester, Minnesota.

Aziz ripped out the elderly man’s eyes with his hands. Officers could not find the man’s eyes in his apartment after the attack.

Most of the victim’s teeth were also knocked out.


Police found Mahad Aziz, 18, on top of the 74-year-old man when they entered the apartment.

KIMT reported:

Authorities say a 74-year-old man had his eyes gouged out of their sockets during a domestic incident Friday afternoon.

Authorities say the eyes were “nowhere to be found” and the victim also had teeth knocked out.

Mahad Aziz, 18, has been charged with first-degree assault in connection to the incident at 310 31st St. NE.

When authorities arrived, they found “a bloody mess” and found Aziz sitting on top of the victim.

Aziz was taken to the hospital before transported to the Olmsted County Adult Detention Center.

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