“THIS IS FASCISM!” Linda Sarsour Comes Unhinged at NY Protest Over SCOTUS Ruling to Uphold Trump’s Travel Ban (VIDEO)

Women’s march leader, Linda Sarsour flipped out Tuesday at a protest in Foley Square in New York after the Supreme Court upheld President Trump’s travel ban.

Sarsour, who stealth pushes for Sharia law to take over in the US and previously called for Jihad against the Trump administration, had the nerve to call Tuesday’s SCOTUS ruling “Fascism.”

No, Sarsour, it’s called the US Constitution; read it sometime.


The Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld the Trump travel Ban overturning a liberal judge in Hawaii who was playing pretend president.

Liberals increasingly are in favor of open borders to anyone who wants to enter the United States.
The Supreme Court disagreed with this lunacy on Tuesday.

Trump’s travel ban could result in Muslim immigration to the US to be reduced by as much as 21%.

President Trump has Constitutional authority and duty to protect American citizens.

We have no way to vet people properly coming from these countries; the Supreme Court made the right decision.

Protesters gathered in New York’s Foley Square Tuesday evening to push back on the SCOTUS ruling upholding Trump’s travel ban.

The protesters labeled Trump’s travel ban a “Muslim ban,” which of course is an outright lie.

Many Muslim-majority countries were not included in Trump’s travel ban.

Linda Sarsour is mad as hell over the SCOTUS ruling!

The hijab-clad Muslim activist came unhinged as she angrily screamed, “This administration has a white nationalist, supremacist agenda!”

“Wake up! We are living under Fascism! This is Fascism!” Sarsour continued to scream to a cheering crowd.


Protesters marched in New York on Tuesday evening chanting “Whose streets? Our streets!”

Still not tired of winning!

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