Stupid Democrat Accuses Trump of Stealing Personal Items From Migrants Like at “Auschwitz” … Doesn’t Notice Photos Are From 2014

Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) is not known for her sharp wit or keen mind.

On Thursday Speier posted photos of rosaries, wallets, and toothpaste taken from illegal immigrants coming into the United States.
And she compared the tactics like something you’d see at Auschwitz.

Rep. Jackie Speier: CBP takes away rosaries, shoes, wallets and toothbrushes from detained immigrants; what they call “non-essential” personal property. The images in these photos shockingly resemble the shoes collected from Auschwitz – and it’s revolting and chilling.

The photos are heart-wrenching.


But like EVERYTHING else about this migrant child abuse story it is inaccurate and slanderous.

The photos were actually taken by artist Tom Keifer for his art exhibit “El Sueño Americano” that was launched in 2014… during the Obama presidency.

Once again, this is another atrocious hit piece on President Trump from actions during the Obama years.

Thanks to Jack Posobiec.

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