NOW THIS… Donald Trump Jr.’s Daughter Chloe Threatened: ‘We’re coming for Chloe, too’

On Wednesday actor Peter Fonda, brother of Hanoi Jane Fonda, threatened Donald Trump’s 12-year-old son Barron with rape.

Fonda wasn’t done though.
He threatened the children of border agents.
And called for mass protests against the “Giant A$$hole” President Trump.

Peter Fonda STILL has a Twitter account and Sony is STILL set to release his new project in two weeks.
Censorship is ONLY for conservatives.

Hollywood writer Pat Dussault decided to one-up Fonda.
Dussault is from Canada.
Dussault responded to Peter Fonda’s threat of Barron Trump by going after POTUS’ granddaughter and Donald Trump Jr.’s daughter Chloe.

Pat Dussault, a professional writer in Toronto, deleted his Twitter account, but the internet is forever.

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