Red Francis Lectures on Global Warming Junk Science – Climate Change Could ‘Destroy Civilization’

Pope Francis lectured oil companies this weekend on the dangers of global warming junk science.

Red Francis told the oil execs climate change could “destroy civilization.”

According to NASA the Earth cooled by half a degree Celsius from 2016 to 2018.

Newsweek reported:

President Donald Trump will be leaving the G7 environmental summit early, but Pope Francis warned top oil executives on Saturday that climate change could “destroy civilization.”

During a two-day conference at the Vatican, the Pope said the issue of global warming is of “epochal proportions,” Reuters reported. In an effort to stop climate change, the Pope said the world needs to make an effort to stop using fossil fuels and start using clean energy.

“Civilization requires energy but energy use must not destroy civilization,” he told the executives.

The Pope also noted that global issues like hunger and poverty are “interconnected” to climate change and accessible electricity.

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