POTUS Trump Retweets Dan Bongino’s Epic Takedown of Deep State Hack John Brennan (Video)

On Saturday morning conservative commentator and former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino joined FOX and Friends to discuss the latest spygate developments.

During the conversation Bongino took a few swipes at unhinged Deep State hack John Brennan.

Dan Bongino: What are we paying for? We’re paying for a 1001 charge on George Papadopoulos for fibbing to the FBI. I mean this is what we paid $17 million dollars for and shut the country down for what, almost two years now? Now listen, obviously I’m passionate about this but this is really upsetting. I was a federal agent and this is a serious thing to have the power to take away someone’s freedom. And the American taxpayer, me included, is paying for a total sham.

President Trump took the opportunity to pile on John Brennan.
Trump laid into the deep state hack John Brennan.

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