Paul Ryan’s Amnesty Bill Defeated in the House – 112 Republicans Vote Against It

Speaker Paul Ryan’s amnesty bill flopped in the House on Wednesday after 112 Republicans rejected it.

According to conservative lawmakers, Paul Ryan’s pathway to citizenship for DACA recipients and their parents is ultimately what killed the bill.

The Washington Examiner reported:

After weeks of rocky negotiations, House Republicans on Wednesday defeated a plan from Speaker Paul Ryan that attempted to marry conservative and moderate provisions to legalize “Dreamers” and secure the border.

The bill failed with no votes from Democrats, and it got even less support from Republicans than the more conservative bill that failed last week.

The House handily rejected it in a 121-301 vote that split Republicans almost perfectly in half, 121-112.

The border language had been included in the compromise legislation from Ryan, R-Wis., and from the more conservative bill that failed last week. But neither of the broader bills were able to pass.

The Ryan bill would have provided a new pathway to citizenship for 1.8 million Dreamers who came here illegally as children, and would have provided nearly $24 billion in funding requested by President Trump for a southern border wall. The bill would have limited chain migration and eliminated the visa lottery system.

On Wednesday morning, the President urged GOP lawmakers to pass the conservative ‘Goodlatte II’ bill to show that we want strong borders.

A conservative ‘Goodlatte’ immigration bill was defeated in the House last Thursday in a vote of 231-193.

All Democrats voted against it and 41 Republicans voted against the bill.

Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows (R-NC) got right up in House Speaker Paul Ryan’s face on the House floor last Wednesday over the proposed immigration bills.

Bullet points of the Conservative ‘Goodlatte’ GOP Bill that failed to pass the House last week:

The American people voted for Donald Trump to end/deport DACA and stop illegal immigration. Paul Ryan doesn’t care about Trump voters because his plan has always been to oppose the President’s agenda.

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