OMG! Hillary Clinton Struggles Up Stairs at 8th Grade Graduation (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton arrived at Hamlin School in San Francisco Friday morning to give an 8th grade graduation speech.

The twice-failed presidential hopeful was seen walking out of her vehicle looking feeble as she slowly walked towards the school entrance.  

In the first video, Hillary Clinton is slowly and carefully walking to the staircase leading up to the entrance of Hamlin School.

Hillary pauses after she takes her first step and looks up to size the climb.

Hamlin School is a very prestigious, all-girls private school which costs $34,000 a year in tuition.

Hillary is really down with the struggle!

ABC News reporter, Amy Hollyfield caught Hillary on camera; it is unclear if Hillary was paid for this appearance, according to Hollyfield.

In the second video, Hillary Clinton is tightly gripping the hand railing as she struggled to make her way up the staircase.

Hillary Clinton has been spotted lately in heavy coats in sweltering heat, covering up what many people believe to be a back brace.

What is wrong with Hillary Clinton?

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