Liberal Media Claims Senate Staffer Who Leaked Anti-Trump Info to His NY Times Lover Is “Bipartisan”

Former Senate Intel Committee aide, James A. Wolfe, 57, was arrested on Thursday after the DOJ conducted an investigation into classified information leaks to reporters.

Wolfe repeatedly lied to investigators about his contacts with reporters and made false statements to the FBI.

The Justice Department also seized New York Times reporter, Ali Watkins years’ worth of phone and email records.

James Wolfe (NBC)

The New York Times insisted James Wolfe was bipartisan.

But here are the leaked reports Wolfe gave to his lover Ali Watkins.
Via Jordan Schachtel:

Senate panel expects to receive Clinton campaign documents this week

Senate panel investigating Russia outraged by Comey firing

Carter Page says he won’t testify before Senate Intelligence panel in Russia probe

Senate Intelligence Committee subpoenas Flynn

As Jeff Giesea says, “To review Ali Watkins’s work is to watch the Trump collusion narrative develop in slow motion.”

And Wolfe’s colleague Daniel Jones went to work for Fusion GPS.

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