LA Mayor Eric Garcetti Attends Lunatic Abolish ICE Protest – Gets BOOED OFF STAGE (VIDEO)

Guest post by Ari David at the Los Angeles anti-ICE rally

There was a mass demonstration in Los Angeles Saturday for open borders and the dismantling of ICE.

Hundreds of leftists and Spanish speaking immigrants attended the event.

And communists.

And drum circles.

Mayor Garcetti’s Presidential Aspirations Crater in LA

As if the exploding crime, massively increasing homelessness and stifling traffic weren’t enough, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is facing a new obstacle to his presidential hopes.

First he was seen at the Los Angeles March For Immigrant Children not reacting at all during an extremist’s speech who called the founding of America “criminal”.

Then things went from bad to worse when hizzoner was booed off stage by lunatic leftists who think Garcetti is a lying sellout who’s not extreme enough for them.

They held up a sign calling Garcetti’a sanctuary city policy a lie and then proceeded to boo him offstage.

Here’s video of Garcetti pandering to leftists and getting BOOED off stage.

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