Judge Ellis Rejects Manafort’s Challenge to Mueller’s Authority – Then Hammers Special Counsel Witch Hunt Against POTUS Trump


T.S. Ellis, III, Senior U.S. District Judge for the Eastern District of Va, at the Investiture ceremony of Stuart Nash to be Associate Judge at the D.C. Superior Court. June 4, 2010. Photo by Diego M. Radzinschi/THE NATIONAL LAW JOURNAL.

Judge T.S. Ellis, a Reagan appointee is assigned to Paul Manafort’s bank fraud case.

Robert Mueller hit the Trump advisor with a second indictment a few months ago charging him with bank fraud, mortgage fraud and wire fraud. Paul Manafort challenged Robert Mueller’s authority and filed a motion to dismiss the case; Judge Ellis rejected Manafort’s legal challenge on Tuesday.

Judge Ellis did, however, pen a 31 page written opinion showing a tremendous amount of skepticism about Mueller’s witch hunt.

In a huge blow to Mueller, Judge Ellis stated that just like Special Counsel’s of the past, Mueller is being used as a tool for pursuing partisan agendas rather than a means of assuring accountability:

In sum, there appears to be little operational difference between the current Special
Counsel appointment scheme and the scheme found wanting under the 1978 Act and its
reauthorizations. Both schemes are subject to many of the same objections. Like the
independent counsel under the 1978 Act, the current Special Counsel has broad authority to
investigate and prosecute crimes unburdened by traditional limits placed on an ordinary
prosecutor. Many of the same problems that plagued investigations pursued under the 1978 Act
— from Kenneth Starr’s investigation of Whitewater to Lawrence Walsh’s investigation of IranContra
— seem equally applicable to the current process.12 In the end, Congress and members
of both political parties reached the sound conclusion that the 1978 Act and its reauthorizations
should be allowed to expire, as the Act had come to be a tool for pursuing partisan agendas
rather than a means of assuring accountability in government by prosecuting crimes committed
by high-ranking government officials. That lesson, it seems, has been forgotten.

Judge Ellis said “even a blind person can see the true target of the Special Counsel’s investigation is President Trump, not Manafort then he called Mueller’s tactics “distasteful.”

Judge Ellis cast doubt about President Trump’s links to Russians.

Judge Ellis concluded his memorandum with powerful words:

Although this case will continue, those involved should be sensitive to
the danger unleashed when political disagreements are transformed into partisan prosecutions.

Judge Ellis gave plenty of policy reasons for shutting Mueller down.

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