John Brennan Unhinged=> Blasts Trump Over Tweet Calling Mueller Witch Hunt “Unconstitutional”

On Monday, former CIA Director John Brennan hammered President Trump’s claims Mueller’s witch hunt is unconstitutional saying, “his tweets are not the tweets of an innocent individual.”

On his 500th day in office President Donald Trump tweeted out agreement with his attorneys that, “I have the absolute right to pardon myself.”

This comes as Dirty cop Mueller’s witch hunt against the president heats up in Washington DC.

Mueller is hoping to indict President Trump on some kind of sham charges to remove him from office.
The witch hunt was launched to look at non-existent Russian collusion.
But months later the 13 angry Democrats on Mueller’s team have not been able to find any collusion or relationship between President Trump and Vlad Putin.

The tweets followed The New York Times’ publication of a confidential letter over the weekend.

In Trump’s first Monday morning tweet he said he has the absolute right to pardon himself.

In Trump’s second tweet, he ripped the Special Counsel as “totally UNCONSTITUTIONAL”

John Brennan blasted the President in an appearance on “MSNBC Live with Hallie Jackson.”

Via The Hill:

“So [Deputy Attorney General Rod] Rosenstein, Bob Mueller and others are now looking into this and for the president at this point to say it’s unconstitutional, I think it just shows how worried he is, how fearful he is about what the special counsel is uncovering,” Brennan said.

“And his tweets are not the tweets of an innocent individual. So I think it really demonstrates just how desperate he is getting, grasping at straws, and Rudy Giuliani as well,” he added, referring to the president’s lawyer.

“Neither Rudy nor his boss feel encumbered by facts, truth or common sense and so I think that’s why they’re throwing these things out now to try to get whatever traction among their base as possible.”

John Brennan is once again projecting.

Brennan and Clapper are both spinning like tops as their crimes bubble up to the surface.

The two corrupt former Obama officials were heavily involved in Spygate; they are also caught in perjury traps which is why they continue to attack the President.

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