James Clapper Now Claims US Intel Identified a “Suspect” Who Transferred DNC Emails to WikiLeaks

Former Intel Chief and criminal leaker, James Clapper now claims US Intel officials last year “identified a suspect” who transferred the stolen DNC emails to WikiLeaks.

The DNC emails were ‘hacked’ two years ago and Clapper left his post in January of 2017 and this is the first time he publicly claimed US intel identified a suspected.

In an interview with Trump-hating Yahoo! reporter, Michael Isikoff, former Intel Chief James Clapper claimed U.S. intelligence officials last year identified a “suspect” who served as the “cut-out” for Russian intelligence to funnel thousands of Democratic National Committee emails and documents to WikiLeaks,

In an interview with Yahoo News podcast “Skullduggery,” Clapper said Intel officials were “pretty confident” they identified a middleman for the hacked DNC and Podesta emails. Clapper gave zero details about the suspect.

“We had a suspect. I don’t know whether the suspicions we had at the time were conveyed [to Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller] or whether they were validated.” U.S. intelligence officials were “pretty confident at the time but not sufficient enough to publicize it,” he said.

WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange stated many times publicly the Russian government did not give him the hacked DNC emails.

Clapper says a “cut-out” or third party individual was used purposefully so Julian Assange could plausibly deny the Russians were the ones who handed him the hacked DNC emails.

“In April, Russia used a third party ‘cut-out’ to send more than 19,000 DNC emails and more than 8,000 documents to WikiLeaks and Julian Assange, attempting to cover its tracks and to give WikiLeaks some degree of deniability in knowing the source of the leaks.”

James Clapper then went full conspiracy theory nut job and implied the Trump campaign and the Russians were one big echo chamber.

Clapper claimed Trump slamming Hillary for her health problems and scandals came from the Russians. Unbelievable.

“There is striking — I found, we found, parallelism between what the [Trump] campaign was doing and saying and what the Russians were doing and saying. It was almost like an echo chamber, particularly with respect to Hillary Clinton personally, and her alleged scandals and her alleged maladies, physical and mental. There were a lot of very similar themes that came ultimately from the Russians and the campaign.”

The irony of Clapper telling Michael Isikoff the Trump campaign and Russians were one big echo chamber. Isikoff’s Sept 2016 article on Carter Page was used to corroborate the Russia dossier to justify a spy warrant, in one big echo chamber of lies.

WikiLeaks released the first round of DNC emails in July of 2016 during the Democrat National Convention which caused a schism in the Dem party after it was revealed the DNC was working in favor of Hillary over the highly popular Bernie Sanders.

WikiLeaks then dropped an October surprise on Hillary Clinton by publishing emails from her campaign chair, John Podesta.

To this day, the FBI has not done a forensic inspection of the DNC server so we still have no proof the server was even hacked, and if hacked, by whom?

James Clapper has state publicly that he saw no “smoking gun evidence” Trump colluded with the Russians during the 2016 election.

WikiLeaks hammered Clapper on Friday in a pair of tweets for his false claims.

“Clapper gets literally everything wrong,” tweeted WikiLeaks.

“Clapper admits he doesn’t know who our sources are,” said WikiLeaks

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