GOP Lawmaker: Impeach Rod Rosenstein if DOJ Continues to Slow-Walk Trump Spying Documents to Congress (VIDEO)

It’s time to impeach Rod Rosenstein and hold him contempt.

The Department of Justice reneged on its commitment to provide Congress with pertinent Trump-Russia docs on Thursday.

The American people have had it with the stonewalling from Rod Rosenstein and Christopher Wray.

On Thursday Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) said it was time to impeach Deputy Attorney General for the DOJ if he continued to slow-walk requested documents to the US Congress.

David Asman: Are you suggesting we impeach Rod Rosenstein?

Rep. Andy Biggs: Yes I have no problem with that. Yeah, I think he is engaged in conduct that is at such a level that it constitutes a breach of trust which is the common definition of high crime and misdemeanor.

Via After the Bell:

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