Figures. Fake News Conspiracy Site Axios Runs Hit Piece on Gateway Pundit — But Can’t Refute Our Findings

Burn it all down.
Stef Kight at Axios ran a hit piece on The Gateway Pundit on Wednesday.

Go deeper: Digging into Trump’s latest “Spygate” tweet

Kight got his story from John Podesta‘s Think Progress website.
Think Progress got their story from New York Mag.


This is how the liberal media echo chamber works.

Axios then attacked The Gateway Pundit for a fake news WaPo report.

Other false stories pushed by The Gateway Pundit, per The Washington Post:

Parkland survivor and activist David Hogg had been coached on anti-Trump rhetoric, which the site linked to his father, a former FBI agent.

Actually this is what the Washington Post wrote about The Gateway Pundit and teen tyrant David Hogg.

Paul Farhi wrote this article at the Washington Post in February.
The entire article including the headline was a lie.

We have never used the term ‘crisis actors’ in any of our reports on the Parkland high school activists.
Not once.

Now Axios and the liberal media echo chamber continues to hit The Gateway Pundit for a completely made up article.

And for the record…

Axios and Think Progress did not refute our article or our facts.

They can’t.

The FBI released unredacted text messages from lovebirds Strzok and Page that show the DOJ redacted the fact that they were discussing FBI overseas informants in 2015 — before the summer of 2016 which was originally the claim.

The liberal media refused to refute this fact. Instead they attack The Gateway Pundit with bogus accusations.

This is the world we live in.
NEVER TRUST the liberal media.

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