Fake News Backfires on Dems – Obama-Era Photos of Illegal Alien Children in Cages Deter Immigrants From Illegally Crossing Into US

Obama caged illegal immigrant children.

The Democrats and their liberal media have been ranting nonstop since photos first surfaced several weeks ago of illegal immigrant children in cages.

The photos in a “First Look” article by AZ Central were first published back in 2014 when Obama was president.

This was a regular practice during the Bush and Obama years.
But Democrats and their liberal media are hoping to make this the issue of the year.

Fake News TIME Mag took it to the next level and exploited a little Honduran girl who was photographed crying after her mother kidnapped her and dragged her across the US border illegally.

The photo of the ‘crying girl’ spread like wildfire on social media.

TIME lied and said the little girl was separated from her mother by border patrol agents. She was never separated from her mother. All lies.

It’s all lies. It’s all fake.

The fake news backfired on the Dems because the Obama-era photos of illegal alien children in cages circulating social media are deterring immigrants from crossing into the US illegally.

Immigrants in Tijuana, Mexico are having second thoughts about illegally crossing into the US. “I don’t want to lose my kids.”

“If it comes to a choice where I have to choose between my kids and crossing, I’ll keep my kids,” said a woman at the Tijuana-California border.


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