Candace Owens Challenges #MeToo Movement, Tells Women to Make Better Decisions — Is Immediately Berated

Pro-Trump Super Star Candace Owens challenged the #MeToo movement and urged women to make better decisions Tuesday in a tweet.

The tweet by Owens set off a firestorm.

The #NeverTrump website Twitchy blasted Candace Owens and her “garbage take” on the feminist movement:

‘You are not EDGY.’ Candace Owens under SERIOUS fire for garbage take on #MeToo movement


And later in the day Twitchy highlighted that a “conservative” group pulled out of the TPUSA conference over Candace’s tweet.

OUCH! Conservative group pulls out of TPUSA event over Candace Owens’ #MeToo remarks

The American Conservation Coalition is a global warming – cap and trade group that says it is conservative.
The group endorsed #NeverTrumper Mark Sanford in his primary. Sanford lost last night.

Candace Owens wants women to be smart and responsible.
Isn’t that what we all want? For men and women?

Maybe this wasn’t her best tweet but was the response appropriate?
Why is the ACC so threatened by Candace Owens?

And aren’t we all tired of the GOP purists lecturing the rest of us?

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