BOOM! Watch Top Economist Kevin Hassett THUMP April Ryan at White House Presser (VIDEO)

Kevin Hassett, the chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers in the Trump White House opened the daily press conference today at the White House.

Hassett was sent out to promote the record economic numbers under President Trump.
If the president or his staff do not promote these numbers they will go unnoticed. The mainstream media is so conflicted and biased these days that they will not report the excellent news coming from this White House on a daily basis.

Hassett mentioned the record unemployment rate and that 900,000 Americans have returned to the workforce since President Trump came into office.


Hassett also mentioned the unemployment claims were at their lowest rate since World War II.

After his comments Kevin Hassett took a few questions from the liberal reporters.
April Ryan tried to stump Hassett with a question on black unemployment rate.
Hassett thumped her.

This was a thing of beauty.

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