“ABOLISH ICE!” Far Left Open Borders Activists Rally Nationwide to Protest Trump Immigration Policy (VIDEO)

Far left open borders radicals protest in New York

Hundreds of thousands of far left radical lunatics took to the streets Saturday to protest Trump’s zero tolerance immigration policy, chanting, “shut detention down!”

More than 600 protests across the country are planned for Saturday.

President Trump already signed an Executive Order to reunite illegal immigrant families, but the angry leftists don’t care. They just want to protest the fact that we have borders.

Leftists don’t want borders. They don’t want law and order and are openly calling for ICE to be abolished.

Protests are being held in Los Angeles, Boston, Texas, Washington, DC, and New York and other states.

An illegal alien at the DC protest, who identified as Jocelyn, claimed her son was separated from her for nine months and she was told they would put him up for adoption. Of course she told the reporter this with the help of a translator, according to Fox News.

Where were these leftist protesters when Obama was putting children in cages and wrapping them in foil?

10,000 out of 12,000 of the children detained arrived to the US border alone; many times they are brought here by a smuggler [Coyote].

The anti-immigration protests have morphed into open calls for ICE to be abolished.

On Friday, New York Senator, Kirsten Gillibrand became the first top Democrat lawmaker to call for ICE to be completely abolished.

The fake news media hysteria over the border crisis is another way to distract from the damning IG report and Spygate scandal.


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