WOW: Moronic NYU Professor Compares American National Anthem To Nazi Salute

If you weren’t already disgusted with how far left the American university system has gotten, this should pretty much set you over the edge.

You may remember former Drexel and present NYU ‘scholar-in-residence’, Professor George Ciccariello-Maher, from his now infamous “All I want for Christmas is white genocide” tweet that went viral last year and ultimately sparked enough backlash that Drexel terminated him.

Ciccariello-Maher’s twitter account is a sickening mix of anti-American, anti-male, and anti-white rhetoric (ironic considering he is a white American man) but this sort of far-left self-hatred is far too common these days.

In one of his most recent tweets, Ciccariello-Maher posted a news-clipping of the 1934 ban of a German Football club for failing to give the Nazi salute while he alluded to the NFL’s current ‘take a knee’ protests. It’s worth noting that the NFL has suffered a major decline in viewership and support over its initial complicity in the protests before recently issuing a statement requiring players stand for the National Anthem.

Yea… because having to stand for the National Anthem, while collecting an annual salary of over 20 million, for a country founded on freedom is the EXACT same as refusing to give a Nazi salute…

Just remember: this is the sort of ‘intellectual‘ that is teaching our children at schools across the country….


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