WOW: Bill O’Reilly Said What Many Were Thinking About Jim Acosta During White House Briefings

During a private party honoring Richard Grenell who, after a tumultuous confirmation process, was finally made U.S. ambassador to Germany, Bill O’Riley was in attendance and said out loud what we’ve all been fantasizing about doing to Jim Acosta during those White House briefings.

Bill O’Riley has long been supportive of Sarah Sanders and critical of the MSM reporters who barrage her with attacks and Fake News questions.

During the private party, O’Riley who was a warmly welcomed surprise guest gave a speech to the crowd which included Press Secretary Sanders. Railing the MSM, O’Riley said “heads would have rolled” if he had been in attendance at the White House Correspondents Dinner while Sanders was being attacked. Following that up, O’Riley had some choice words for Jim Acosta:


“I would love just to get my big hands around Jim Acosta’s neck.”


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