Tucker Carlson: Democratic Party Has Doubled Down on EVERY SINGLE Behavior That Got Trump Elected (VIDEO)

Tucker Carlson: Democratic Party Has Doubled Down on EVERY SINGLE Behavior That Got Trump Elected–

A new CNN poll released earlier this week found that Democrats now hold only a 3 point advantage over Republicans if the elections were held today. Democrats held a 16 point advantage in February. Today it’s down to three points.

Tucker Carlson believes the problem is that Democrats are doubling-down on every bizarre behavior that got Trump elected.

Tucker Carlson: So here’s a political rule of thumb, if the creepy porn lawyer is “the savior of the republic” in your view, you’re probably not trying too hard to appeal to Middle America. And Democrats are not. In fact in the last year-and-a-half the Democratic Party has doubled-down on every single behavior that got Trump elected in the first place. They routinely vilify tens of millions of Americans based on how they look. They prefer illegal immigrants to US citizens and at this point they don’t even hide that preference. They’re open about it. In schools and sports and the military they denounce the idea of a biological differences between men and women. That’s something that every culture from ancient Egypt til about 20 minutes ago understood perfectly well because it’s demonstrable. They don’t recognize it anymore… Whatever else he’s done Trump has driven the Democratic Party off the deep end.

Via Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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