Stormy’s Lawyer Denies He’s Being Funded by Left-Wing Political Interests “Utter Bullsh*t”

Michael Avenatti denies he’s being funded by left-wing political interests, or any political interests or PACS for that matter. He says those claims are “utter bullsh*t.”

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So who’s paying Stormy Daniels’ lawyer? 

The Daily Caller’s Peter Hasson spoke to Avenatti and asked him who is paying for his legal battle against President Trump.

Avenatti grew frustrated with the questions and said he’s answered this repeatedly on his Twitter feed.

The porn star’s lawyer told The Daily Caller that conspiracy theories swirling around that he’s being paid by left-wing fat cat donors is “utter bullsh*t”:

“I’ll add this: any suggestion or claim that somehow this is being funded by the Left or funded by some PAC or funded by left-wing political interests or funded by any other political interests is complete and utter bullshit, and you can quote me on that,” the lawyer continued. “It’s nothing more than a distraction meant to distract away from the issues of the case for which people on the Right have no answer for.”

According to an April 30th tweet by Avenatti, he’s being funded by donations to Crowdjustice and a small up front fee by porn star Stormy Daniels.

Avenatti tweeted: Be clear: the only source of outside funds for the legal fight we are waging is the site and Ms. Daniels’ personal funds. No PACs, no political party, no special interests, no fat cat donors. The haters need to come up with a new conspiracy theory. #basta

Avenatti told the Daily Caller that while Stormy is no longer paying him, she paid him a small fee up front.

“Ms. Daniels paid a de minimis amount — plus the CrowdJustice, period,” Avenatti said. To date, the crowdfunding effort has raised over $425,000.

Stormy even tweeted she’s not paying Avenatti’s fees.

Avenatti isn’t exactly cash flush. The porn star’s lawyer seems to be embroiled in many different financial problems.

David J. Morris, the CEO of Dillanos Coffee Roasters in Tacoma, Washington tweeted Avenatti owes him over $160,000 from a business deal gone sideways.

He also owes the IRS $5 million dollars.

Wednesday night Andrew McCarthy told Tucker Carlson that Michael Cohen’s bank statements were leaked by government officials, further casting suspicion he is a hired gun to take down President Trump.


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