REPORT: Santa Fe High School Coaches Made Fun of Shooter Dimitrios Pagourtzis – Told Him He Smelled (VIDEO)

Texas KRIV reporter Ivory Hecker went on with Neil Cavuto on FOX News this afternoon after the horrendous shooting at Santa Fe High School Friday morning.

At least 8 people are dead, several injured after a gunman opened fire at Santa Fe High School in Texas Friday morning.

This is who is responsible for killing 8-10 people this morning at Santa Fe High School. Dimitrios Pagourtzis.

Ivory Hecker told Neil Cavuto that the football coaches would taunt Dimitrios Pagourtzis and make fun of his smell.


Ivory Hecker: He described that boy’s outfit that long military type trench coat, military type boots, and a T-shirt saying ‘Born to Kill.” The boy we talked to and a couple other kids we talked to said he wore that trenchcoat every day to school but it was the first time they had seen him wearing that T-shirt with that chilling message on it. A check of the alleged shooter’s Facebook page shows that one of the most recent photos he posted was a picture of that shirt saying he customized the saying on it, “Born to kill.” now we talked to some of the kids who knew the alleged shooter and they described him as a quiet boy but not at all a hateful boy. We talked to one fellow classmate who said he was on the junior varsity football team and taht the coaches and fellow students would pick on him. In fact he told us that the coaches would even talk about the way the student smelled.

Via Neil Cavuto Live:

Hat Tip Andrew Marcus

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