Rep. John Ratcliffe: I’ll Be Surprised if Inspector General Does Not Find Misconduct by James Comey (VIDEO)

Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX) and Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) joined guest host Jason Chaffetz Friday night on Hannity.

Both of the Republican guests were former prosecutors before joining Congress.

Rep. Ratcliffe told Jason Chaffetz he would be surprised if the Inspector General did not find transgressions by fire FBI Chief James Comey.

Rep. Ratcliffe: It’s ironic to me that he (Comey) is the one who created the allegation of obstruction of justice against Donald Trump and now he’s the same person who has effectively torpedoed the ability of the Special Counsel to ever prove obstruction. The 15 pages of secret memos never mention obstruction of justice a single time. And, in fact, one of the memos does exactly the opposite…

Jason Chaffetz: Well, does he have any legal jeopardy himself, Director Comey?

Rep. Ratcliffe: Well I think the best answer to that Jason will come with the release of the inspector general report. We all anticipate that that will happen shortly. We also know that the Inspector General Michael Horowitz is someone who has proven himself to be a fair umpire. Someone who calls balls and strikes fairly and when appropriate will make criminal referral of the Deputy FBI Director. I will tell you, not having seen the report, I will be surprised if the Inspector General does not find misconduct by former director Comey. I think he will find that he violated his employment agreement, made unauthorized disclosures of FBI documents. And whether those are classified or not, those are improper leaks. And I think he will find that he made demonstrably false statements that I think have been highlighted by some of the congressional transcripts.

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