Parents Outraged After NYC School Holds “Moment of Silence” For Hamas Terrorists

A selective New York City public school had the brilliant idea to pause studies last week in remembrance of the Hamas terrorists who were killed at the Israel-Gaza border. The utter lack of awareness and the disgusting request has shocked students and parents alike as it seems, clearly, that a public, tax-funded, school is inserting itself into an anti-semantic debate.

This “moment of silence” for the Hamas terrorists came directly after Michael Oren, the Israeli Deputy Minister for Diplomacy and former ambassador stated continued criticisms of Israel are helping Hamas terrorists. One can only guess how he’d feel about an American school actually taking part in a “moment of silence” for them…

An outraged Jewish father told the New York Post, “I am extremely upset because I did not send my child to a New York City public school to pray for Hamas operatives.” Another parent stated, “I just don’t think any school should be promoting a moment of silence for terrorists. What if it was Islamic terrorists in ISIS? No school would be having that over the loudspeaker.”

It’s reported that the New York City *public* school has a history of left-wing ideology, with the school having previously given students permission to leave grounds in protest of Donald Trump’s presidential election.

More Via NY Post:

“As a Jewish student, I could see a lot of my Jewish friends get very weird when the moment of silence started,” Sophie Steinberg, a junior from Brooklyn, said about Tuesday’s tribute.

“They don’t know how to feel. They don’t know how to fit into all of this.”

Steinberg said the contemplative moment was not out of place at Beacon.

“I think that’s Beacon’s nature — to not be divisive but to bring up the things that no one wants to talk about,” she said.

But another student said she had hoped for more discussion surrounding the announcement which, she said, seemed to come out of nowhere.

“I wish there was that conversation afterwards,” said Fortune Ndombo, a junior from Manhattan. “There was no follow-up.”

Some parents say they’ve reached out to the principal, who has been unresponsive.

“We support civic engagement and advocacy amongst students, and encourage schools to provide inclusive environments where students are able to respectfully discuss current events,” a Department of Education spokesman said.


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