McCain Tells Inner Circle He Does Not Want President Trump at His Funeral – Send Pence

To his death Senator John McCain is holding his grievance against President Donald Trump.

Senator McCain frequently speaks out against the Republican president. McCain was the deciding vote against Obamacare reform after he ran on a platform to gut the bloated program.

And now as he makes plans for his funeral the Arizona senator has told his close friends he wants Vice President Mike Pence at his funeral — NOT Trump.
The Hill reported:

Those close to Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) have told the White House that their plan for the Arizona Republican’s eventual funeral is to have Vice President Pence attend — but not President Trump, The New York Times reports.

The funeral is expected to take place at the Washington National Cathedral, according to the Times.

But Trump, with whom McCain has had a tempestuous relationship, is not expected to attend the service, at least not according to current planning, the Times reported.

McCain was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer last year, and is undergoing treatment. Despite his illness, the senator has continued to visit with friends and field conference calls with his staff back in Washington.

Still, some of his associates have said that they want a “McCain person” appointed to fill his Senate seat in the event of the senator’s death, according to the Times. Among the list of potential picks is McCain’s wife, Cindy McCain.

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